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See what parents have to say about Janet's Daycare. Hear from some of our biggest fans, including confident parents like you.


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My oldest daughter started elementary school this year after aging out of Janet's and we've received nothing but good reports from her teacher stating how far ahead of her peers she is educationally and emotionally. Janet has prepared her so well for school that other teachers recognized the quality care prior to elementary school. We also started our youngest daughter with Janet this year because we want her to excel as well. Since starting our youngest, she has expanded her vocabulary, social, and other skills like eating with utensils and coloring. We continue to recommend Janet's Daycare for all our friends.


2 kids w/ Janet

Janet's Daycare was a godsend for our family. We were looking for a daycare that would be the perfect fit for our two-year-old son, and we found that and more with Janet. After meeting with her early on in our search, we were impressed with her history of child care and knew that she would be able to provide the nurturing and safe environment that we were looking for.

From the beginning, it was clear that Janet's team had their ducks in a row. They keep our son on a great schedule, and we love that they introduced him to things that you wouldn't necessarily see at other big-name daycares. As a parent, it can be hard to trust a stranger with your child, but Janet and her team made it so easy for us. They are attentive to our son's needs, and we appreciated the open line of communication that they maintained with us.

In the end, we couldn't be happier with our experience at Janet's Daycare. We would highly recommend it to any parents looking for a great spot for their child to grow. Thank you, Janet and team, for everything you do for our family!


Janet's Daycare Rocks!

My son has been going to Janet's daycare almost a year now. Janet creates a healthy environment, great education, loving atmosphere, dedication and family centered! I always feel like my son was happy, healthy, safe, and LOVED. I cannot say enough good things about this daycare!! They take amazing care of our child, and truly put the health and wellness of the children at the forefront.


Amazing Home Daycare

I love Janet’s daycare! My son has been going here for over a year and is growing into such a great young man. I love that he feels so loved and safe with everyone he’s around there. I’m so thankful I have found somewhere I feel confident my son will be loved and cared for while I work.
I highly recommend (:


A place I have always wanted for my kiddo

Hidden gem! I have finally found a daycare that actually cares about my child. Janet goes above and beyond to make everyday fun & exciting for my 3 year old. Janet & the daycare are very structured, organized, clean, with great communication ,respect, dedication and care for my child. She keeps in touch with photos & updates me on fun activities throughout the day, I love that she plans trips & invests in the kids with activities at daycare to make it a fun place ! My child loves going to Janet’s daycare ! So happy I found someone that actually cares about my child.! Thank you again Janet


So happy

When our previous daycare provider decided to retire we were so nervous to find a new daycare we could trust. Janet’s Daycare calmed our nerves instantly. Janet is extremely professional, puts the kids best interest at the forefront and provides an amazing atmosphere for our son to learn and develop. We love all of the activities that she does with the kids from crafts, story time and yoga to field trips and special dress up days. Our son looks forward to seeing his friends every morning! We are so thankful to have found Janet’s Daycare and would recommend her to anyone.


The Absolute Best!

Janet has been watching my daughter since around Aug 2021. Even though I was referred to Janet by a close friend, I was very nervous putting my daughter into a stranger's care. The first time my fiance and I met Janet we knew her daycare was the right place for our daughter. Janet sent me updates almost daily when my daughter first started going. Sending us pics and there is also a private Facebook Group that parents have access to and she posts on there almost daily. We have never had any issues whatsoever. My daughter comes home happy and clean everyday. Never has a diaper rash. And she helps with potty training. She does so many activities and crafts with the kids. Her in home daycare is always spotless. She has a great area for the kids inside with lots of toys and books and learning toys. She also has an awesome backyard and a large gated front yard. So the kids get plenty of outside time. She pays out of her own pocket for someone to come out to do yoga and music with the kids; alternating every other week. Also has someone come out to do storytime for them. The kids have a field trip every month now and they are at some really cool places! We also do some pretty cool fundraisers. I am very picky and careful with who watches my daughter and I would 100% recommend Janet's Daycare to anyone. Janet is very personable and an all around good human being. I hope I am able to put my other future children into her care!


We love Janet!

We love Janet’s daycare! As a first time parent it can be very overwhelming leaving your child in someone else’s care but I heard so many great things about Janet & she makes you feel so comfortable and secure. You can tell Janet really loves what she does as she does so much for the kids and even has a music class for them twice a month! I love that she keeps you posted on all the activities they do every day. Janet is also super clean and organized. My daughter talks about Janet and her friends allll the time you can tell she is very happy there and it only makes me appreciate Janet so much more.


Happy mommy & toddler

I was referred to Janet’s Daycare through a friend. My son is a year and a half old and it is his first daycare experience. Janet was very sympathetic to all the new struggles he might have and was very reassuring. She shares photos of the kids throughout the day, so we can see what they are up to. I had a complicated and unpredictable schedule that I was trying to work with before putting my son in the daycare and Janet was willing to work with me until I got things situated. I made sure to keep her informed as soon as I knew what was going on and we made it work. You can tell Janet loves the kids and enjoys being with them. I highly recommend Janet’s Daycare.


Highly Recommended

My daughter started going to Janet when she was 18 months old and she had never been cared for by anyone other than family. When I was looking for childcare I was so impressed by Janet’s organization, cleanliness, structure, and how she truly cared for the kids. I love how she emphasizes play and activities with the children. My daughter has a big strong willed personality and Janet was there every step of the way to reassure us that she would adjust and she did! Janet provides pictures throughout the day and she has music and motion classes for the kiddos. With COVID she checks temperatures a lot and is always cleaning. As a new mom and this being the first time my daughter has been in the care of someone else I cannot express how grateful I am for Janet.



Janet's daycare has been great for our 15 month old. Janet is very well organized, which is a trait we were looking for when seeking a daycare provider. We can tell our son is benefiting from being with Janet 3 days per week. He is well-fed and well taken care of, and Janet gives my husband and me peace of mind. We trust Janet, and that goes a long way with us!

Felicia C.

Mommy of 15 month old

My anxiety of being a first-time mom having someone other than family watch my 2 year-old daughter has completely vanished thanks to Janet! My daughter cannot wait for me to leave :) Janet's house is colorful, well organized, and warm. Janet is always sending updates/pictures throughout the day which makes my heart happy while I am at work. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful provider!


Happy Momma and Babe

I have two boys, ages 3 years old and 7 months old. They have been going to Janet's since August 2014. I had to quickly find a new daycare for my kids after finding out that their previous daycare provider could no longer take care of them. Luckily, I found Janet's website and she had spots available for both of my boys! Janet made their transition to her daycare easy. My 3 year old is shy and sensitive, but Janet quickly learned his personality and knew exactly how to care for him. She has been excellent with my baby as well and was able to maintain his feeding and nap schedule just like I do it at home. Her home is a clean, friendly, warm environment. She is constantly in contact with parents and posts pictures to her private Facebook group so that parents can see what their kids' day was like. I never worry when I am at work because I know that my kids are being taken care of well. Thanks, Janet!


Happy mom of 2

My daughter has been at Janet's since early 2013 when she was 2yrs old and has learned great habits/manners and language/social skills. I have a stubborn potty trainer, and Janet has been great with the potty training support. It's like a home away from home. Thanks, Janet.

J. Hottel

Mom of happy toddler

My husband and I are so happy that we found Janet. She made our son's transition into daycare smooth and easy. I feel very comfortable knowing that my son is in good hands and is in a safe and nurturing environment. I really appreciate Janet's communication, flexibility, and affordability. I would recommend her to anyone!


Happy Parents

I met Janet over 2 years ago through a family friend. I was displeased with where my infant was going and needed to find somebody I trusted...and fast. I met Janet and felt a connection with her immediately. I could tell her parenting style was right up my alley. Her home was warm and geared towards teaching children in a fun and safe environment. If my baby was crying when I left, she would always send me pics of her playing like 10 minutes later to ease my Mommy mind. She has a FB website just for parents, so you don't feel like you're missing out on your child's day. I ended up quitting my job a few months later to stay home with my kids...however, take my "now 2 year-old" in from time to time while working in my other daughters class. I would HIGHLY recommend Janet to anybody looking for a dependable, friendly, and loving care center for their child.

Kristen Christensen

Mom / Comedian

I have been sending my 18 month-old daughter to Janet for the past 3 months. Janet was actually family recommended. Her home is completely open for the kids to use and she has a variety of manipulative's and toys for the kids to access at any time. Her backyard space allows for the kids to practice a variety of Gross Motor skills as well. She is incredibly sweet to my daughter and at drop off every morning, my daughter loves to go to Janet. As a Mom, you can imagine this makes drop off not so heart-wrenching for me :) I am also a preschool teacher and I also love that Janet incorporates curriculum into the day in order to prepare the kids for Kindergarten. I think this is crucially important for children ages 5 and under, and I think Janet does a great job with this. I would recommend Janet's Daycare to anyone looking for a fun, playful, educational, and loving environment for their child. It really is a home away from home and my daughter loves it.

Jennifer Rounsaville

Couldn't be Happier

My twins began daycare at Janets Daycare in January 2011. She has been so wonderful to me and my children. I was concerned (as all mothers are) to take the kids to their 1st daycare but Janet makes sure each day that I know how the kids are doing. I love that she sends picture messages of the twins to me while I am at work, and is very understanding about the different personalities of each child. Her daycare has bright colors, great books, wonderful toys for the kid's imaginations and it is always well cleaned and taken care of. I am very happy to have found Janet and my children are too.


A Very Happy Mom!

We just started with Janet last week after going through 3 unsatisfactory providers in less than two weeks. I am SO happy we found her. My two boys are ages 2 and 8 months. My two yr old has extreme separation anxiety and with the provider before Janet, he would cry for 6 hrs before she would finally call me to come to get him. We were only there for FOUR days (all of which I got phone calls to leave work early to come to get them) before finally yanking the kids out, but the first day we started here, Janet was sending us picture messages not even 20 mins after drop off, of two happy boys smiling and playing and having fun. She just has a really calm soothing manner about her that is really projected onto my boys. when I come to get them at the end of the day, my oldest is telling me to sit down so he can continue playing! She is so wonderful and sends picture messages and text messages updating us throughout the day. We are so happy to have found her! Thank you, JANET!


SO happy with Janet

Both of my daughters went to Janet's Daycare, starting in 2003. My oldest from the age of 18 months old until she started preschool & my youngest from the age of 3 months old until she started preschool. I was always extremely pleased with the high level of care my girls received from Janet. Both my girls loved going to Janet's and still love to visit from time to time. I have used Janet's for drop-in care as well and again been extremely pleased. Anyone looking for child care in the Citrus Heights/Roseville area should look no further than Janet's Daycare.


Very Satisfied Mom

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